825 – Topics


00:03 Sudden justice death syndrome: apocalyptic psyops, official hearing in Ottawa, detective Helen Grus disciplined for investigating crimes against children, nine babies suffer sudden infant death syndrome, deaths related to vaccination status of mothers, Pfizer’s own data used as evidence of cause of deaths, hearing a sham

13:35 So what’s wrong with socialism? white hats, Q psyop, socialism is evil, socialism not an economic theory, socialism based on a morality of force and coercion, socialism and the mixed economy, socialism’s welfare fraud, socialism is a plan to destroy wealth

34:00 Continuity of narrative: Trump and the continuity of government, Trump’s warp speed strategy a military one, military solution to America’s crisis, political positioning, Left and Right, next round of Covid lockdowns under way, deep state in a deep panic

46:30 1984 came and went: speaking the truth, psyops and flying saucers, Canada in the Orwellian year of 1984, ballots or bullets, cultural inertia, broad general ignorance about all things political, personal apocalypse

59:42 END