826 – Topics


00:03 Presentism: American hatred of all things Russian, doomsday clock, re-examining the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, presentism is unavoidable, history is the consequences of consequences, Truman and the atomic bomb, the Manhattan Project, unjustifiable sweeping anti-Russian sentiment

15:15 Manhattan Project: bombing of Hiroshima broke alliance with Russia, US as the arsenal of democracy, America’s emerging military superiority, Truman not told about the Manhattan Project at $2 billion, bombing of Japan as opening shot of the cold war, Stalin’s commitment to attack Japan

30:50 End game: lend lease, America counting on Russia to attack Japan, no more military targets left in Japan, unconditional surrender, the baby is born, use of atomic bomb viewed as political – not military, Russians left out of decision, America’s misadventures abroad

47:50 Fourth branch: Russia converted from ally to enemy, Truman creates the national security state, the military-industrial-complex, an unconstitutional fourth branch of government, Kennedy assassination, forcing democracies on undemocratic cultures, the madness of military action in Ukraine, Truman opens the way for the Neocons

59:42 END