828 – Topics


00:03 Awe wakening: 22nd anniversary of 9/11, shock and awe events in history, false flag events, military industrial complex a global scourge, people of good will vs people of ill will, revisiting 9/11 in 2001, Left Right and Center September 19 2001, war on terror, same script variant crisis, Graham McQueen’s Peace War And 9/11

17:50 Lucky once: Left Right And Center Sept 19 2001 potential loss of civil liberties to fight terrorists, sacrifice constitutional protections, Bush favors war, Colin Powell and Dick Cheney moderate reactions, no idea who to go after, some want more power for state, no loss of civil liberties justifiable, police authority and accountability, suspension of free speech, no privacy on internet, identity cards, the thinking stops, a battle of ideas for the West, intellectual armament, security issues, no more hijacking, expect false flags, living with criminals, deliver a response, a binary issue, lucky once, Dr Gerald Post on self sacrifice for a collective, a war for people’s minds, anti-capitalist mentality

42:15 Stateless war: Left Right and Center September 19 2001, Talk of the Town, Canadian economy, capitalism under attack, go buy a refrigerator, no room for patriotism, get into the economy, an opportunity to create awakening, stop being ashamed for being free, fighting left ideology, war fought between states, no state involved, US the first country to subordinate government to morality, moral relativism, keeping promises, first principles, US claims of air superiority, strategic action

55:38 Living with the criminals: false flag narratives, ending capitalism and freedom, controlling the citizenry, ultimate binary – capitalism or slavery, living with the criminals, moral relativism, capitalism the economic consequence of a moral system, right to use force

59:42 END