832 – Topics


00:03 Tyranny and war: Hogan’s Heroes’ running joke, Canadian parliament’s Nazi crisis, terrorism in Israel, orchestrated false flag, Israel against its own citizens, war and tyranny, Israel attacks deflecting attention from Ukraine and Jewish Nazis, letter from Ukraine, Maximilian Hillinger, Ukraine starvation in 1947, warning of past repeating tomorrow, Krivojrog Russia (Ukraine)

17:36 Left by default: Bill Whittle on what the cold war was about, the two camps, collectivism vs individualism, perpetual conflict with occasional wars, tyranny as the cause of war

28:20 Terrorism taboo: terrorism in Israel, emotional manipulation of public, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) calls on journalists to avoid word terrorists, lack of qualifications to govern, a brief war history of Elek Hungary

53:10 Know something: why do they Nazi the Nazis, fear of speaking out, knowledge is power, knowledge threatens tyrants, see no evil hear no evil see no evil, Canada’s Bill C11

59:42 END