833 – Topics


00:03 Mosaic: Delectable Lie, multiculturalism destroys civilization, UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman on multiculturalism, Christenndom, Canada declared bilingual, Senator Paul Yuzyk, ethnicity vs culture, abstractions vs policies, unintended consequences, mosaic, designed to fail, language of the law, two founding cultures

20:55 Undefinable: Louisiana Purchase, official bilingualism creates conflicts, defining multiculturalism, not multi-ethnic, from many one, when you can’t define something there is no standard of measurement, equal cultures vs equal individuals

33:20 Unidentified: all subjective, Pierre Trudeau’s contradictory Charter of Rights and Freedoms, honoring a Nazi, largest ethnic background of America is British and German, mixing liberal cultures with illiberal cultures, singular liberal culture, multi illiberal cultures, normalization of cultures grounded in collectivism, premier universities and schools now collectivist, no understanding of history

47:10 The new old normal: nation state a civilizing force, freedom based on individual rights, normalization of Nazism, Nazis in Canada, normalization of fascism, Left and Right

59:42 END