834 – Topics


00:03 Israel’s 9/11: Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a war within nations not between nations, World War 3 is here, Israel’s 9/11, double standard is no standard, inside job, David Menzies at Mississauga protests, cheering the terrorists, controlling the narrative, white supremacy, mistrust of conservative news reporting,

26:45 Life is the standard: Left and Right opposed to Israel, Left demonstrates death cult, Right demonstrates life culture, hypocrisy hatred and violence of the Left, hatred of Jews, playing the race card, irrational hatred has to articulation

40:35 Left leaning: the Left as Israel’s real enemy, communism has no history – it has a criminal record

48:50 Underdog: demonstration of underdog principle in Mississauga, the nature of Israel as a free nation, outstanding confusions about Israel, Left and Right as real political divide, hatred of the good for being the good, context, Israel the superior culture

59:42 END