838 – Topics


00:03 Inhospitable: being hospitalized in Ontario, a personal experience with pain and injury, trauma unit in London’s Victoria Hospital, feedback on Covid concerns

15:10 Paradox: crisis the key to accessing healthcare, paradox between MAID strategy and rationed health care, no Covid mandates or rules within hospital system, scheduling for surgery, trauma care versus chronic care, collectivized patient care, hospital food, training ground for medical professionals

29:20 Semi-private: other patients sharing a semi-private room, reintroduction of hallway medicine

43:00 Painful admissions: dealing with pain in a hospital trauma unit, dependence on others for all needs, motion and pain, psychological stress of hospitalization, Much Ado About Corunna, inaction and disinterest, motion, action, emotion, nature of existence, pain and pleasure as motivators

59:42 END