839 – Topics


00:03 Success story: a secular Jew, raised under Jewish tradition, peoplehood, stress on education and working hard, Jewish myths, hatred of the good for being the good

19:15 Chosen people: Germany traded its Jews for an Arab underclass, welcoming the disappearance of individuality, Jews never safe in non-Jewish states

30:20 A religious question: solution in Gaza not about land, there has never been a Palestinian-Arab state, United Nations is anti-semitic, England forbade Jews from entering country

40:45 Martyr dumb: gave up on socialism, Canada great until Trudeau, celebrating terrorists very disappointing, unvetted immigration from countries that do not share Western values, Jesus was not raised to be a martyr, Islamist philosophy of martyrdom, teaching children to kill Jews, fundamentalist threat, avoiding political labels, open debate clarifies things for both sides, Israel not an apartheid state

59:42 END