840 – Clips & Credits


(A) Intellectual Frog Legs, Joe Dan Gorman, September 11 2023 (Lots Of Good Stuff)
(B) Greg Arcade, August 23 2023 (Letter of Hope)
(C) PragerU, July 21 2023, (Whose lyrics are worse?)
(D) Short Fat Otaku, August 14 2023, (Why do progressives hate the working class)
(E) Greg Wycliffe, September 15 2023 (Shut the f’ up)
(F) MediaPoli, Robert Smigel, August 2 2023 (Conspiracy Theory Rock)
(G) Mad TV, August 5 2023 (Why You Don’t Trust The Jews)
(H) Tim hawkins, December 27 2010 (The Government Can)

Hosted By: Bob Metz