844 – Topics


00:03 Post-constitution: the US now a rogue state, corrupt congress, the yellow press, resistance forming, Trump’s drain the swamp objective, Benjamin Franklin – a Republic, if you can keep it, from Woodrow Wilson to Joe Biden, from a constitutional republic to a post-constitutional republic

13:25 The classless ruling class: ruling class unable to accept results of election, Trump a great threat to the ruling class, introduction of the federal income tax, power to reach across state lines, federal government empowered to make was without state approval, 17th amendment corrupted election of state senators, the Senate as the Federation of States

28:05 Monsters to destroy: Washington politicians captives of the donor class, transforming the American republic into an empire, America’s civil war, disease of an empire, symptoms of empirical disease include nullification of freedom at home and coercion of people abroad, military rule, America now world’s biggest threat to individual rights, perpetual war for perpetual peace, identifying the Cabal, the question of slavery

46:25 War: Eisenhower’s warning about military industrial complex, wars fought for corporations – not for nations, war is a racket, proxy wars to perpetuate state of war, Canadian politicians salute Nazis in parliament, unsuccessful assassination attempts on Trump, forces protecting Trump, rogue Western governments strike against their own people, Western nations in unchartered waters

59:42 END