845 – Topics


00:03 On the Fringe: people taking first steps into political arena, political fascism has been entrenched for decades, fake news media always the norm, Coutts 4 Convoy rally in Alberta, protesters lost in the field of politics, Freedom Party’s record of political victories on the free speech front, pornography and prostitution, holocaust denial, Northern Alliance, Karla Homolka trial, Hamilton council votes to censor Freedom Party, political books seized by Canadian customs

18:25 Still can’t fix stupid: awakening to the stupidity of others, necessity of suffering, running away from one form of tyranny but not running towards freedom, personal stupidity when getting involved in government

38:40 From one tyranny to another: misdirected anger, calling for a republic, structure of government vs purpose of government, Quebec a fascist province, traditional democracy was majority rule, true democracy is limited in power, seeing tyranny while blinded to freedom, Freedom Party victories based on philosophy of Ayn Rand, winning the Human Rights case, ending prohibition of Sunday shopping, No Tax for Pan Am, attempting to practice democracy within a fascist environment

54:00 So what’s your story: looking for security not freedom, voting is no cure for fascism, significant authors Ayn Rand Isobel Paterson John Macmurray, Paul McKeever’s new book JUDGE – Philosophy and Freedom in the First Person

59:42 END