846 – Topics


00:03 feedback: hospital stay, inhospitable, entertaining shows, stupidity and socialism, follow up on hospital stay, Judge – Philosophy and Freedom in the First Person, Myfly the creepy housefly, thank you for the thinking, only freedom matters, protesters have no positive visions, introducing the United Freedom Party of Alberta

28:44 Neither united nor free: United Freedom Party of Alberta, Luke Denis and Chris Hampton worst freedom spokesmen, no similarity with Freedom Party of Ontario, incoherent arguments, self described extreme right wing Christian conservatives, advocating anarchy libertarianism and socialism, failed definition of freedom, the harm trap, the unity lie, splitting the unity vote

40:00 Magic hootenanny: self rule is oxymoronic, self censorship a contradiction, advocating Biden’s plan of flooding Alberta with migrants, road works, forming a new country is no solution to tyranny

51:45 Freedom is a condition: call for murder of Bill Gates, back-stabbing Artur Pawlowski, UFP as a government sponsored psyop, no one has ever voted for freedom, no one has ever voted for tyranny, most people don’t want freedom, freedom’s ingredients

59:42 END