848 – Topics


00:03 Hidden from the light: Final Report for National Citizens Inquiry, invited officials do not show up, media ignores Inquiry, criminals hide from the light, treasure trove of information for litigation purposes, people looking for reliable information

18:05 Road to authoritarianism: positive rights and negative rights, Canada’s cultural zeitgeist, Big Brother mentality, collapse in all institutions, mass formation, inculcating fear in population, depth of the betrayal

33:50 Betrayal: abrogation of political duty, experts on tap not on top, cost benefit analysis, betrayal by the press, Toronto Star hate screed, no balance in journalistic reporting, fake news clues, CBC corruption

44:10 From truth to reconciliation: data on efficacy of vaccines known for years, they lied to us, never do lockdowns, not following the science, truth and reconciliation, preserving history of COVID-19 scam, the censorship industrial complex, power of independent podcasts

59:42 END