849 – Topics


00:03 Applied philosophy: theory vs practice, philosophy vs practicality, practicality based on philosophical premise, review of practical freedom applications, today’s practical issues include government at war with own citizens, Rand’s warning against wrong ideological movements, the visibility and invisibility of freedom

20:15 Nonsense of freedom: Jon Stewart’s sense of freedom, practicality and facts, ends and means always the same, activism as an end in itself, freedom of speech evidence of freedom

34:56 Theory is practice: emergency ethics, most people don’t want freedom, educating others about both the philosophical and practical nature of freedom,

46:55 No such thing as market failure: the libertarian philosophy, Ayn Rand on libertarianism, Javier Milei no anarchist, no more freedom through less government, government not about quantity but about quality and purpose, Milei’s practical actions, no such thing as market failure, capitalism the enemy of neocons

59:42 END