850 – Topics


00:03 The spoken to: hate as motivator, banning expressions of hate, Canada’s Bill C-63, censorship as evidence of hatred, promising protection from harm, internet as portal to truth, uncommitted future crimes

16:30 Love and hate: DARVO is projection, Human Rights Tribunals, Ezra Levant on Just Right, complainant identities secret, hate and love, valuation and self preservation, emotionally expressed measurement of values, Ayn Rand on love and hate, hating the haters

32:40 Ballots or bullets: irrational hate, rational hate, John Macmurray on reason and emotion, hatred as motivation for a better world

46:50 Applied offense: Katie Hopkins on applied offense, topics and themes being censored, truth the only victim of censorship, speaking for the spoken to, identity politics, litany of Left hatreds,

59:42 END