851 – Topics


00:03 Political atheists: State of the Union address by Biden, political atheism, politics is inescapable, broad ignorance of basic political concepts, not fighting for freedom but against tyranny, the real fringe politicians

16:00 Party on: ballots or bullets, abandoning political action, political parties, left and right, broken political compass, politics and electoral politics, blaming the system rather than the self, political parties are private associations, eternal vigilance, direct democracy, proportional representation

42:00 Biden’s darkest speech: political effectiveness vs electoral ineffectiveness, dark speech, Biden’s terrorist rhetoric, democracy not freedom

49:00 Limit voting: democracy abandoned in Canada, civility gone, Ches Crosbie on political etiquette, voting is not a freedom, false flag event, necessity of political parties, majority government not majority rule, threat of nuclear event

59:42 END