853 – Topics


00:03 Melinite bomb them: Salim Mansur’s Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus – The Chronicle of Zionist lies and their implosion foreseen, Theodor Herzl and Zionism, emptying the land, Jews living in The Pale – Eastern Europe

12:05 The Jewish state: Herzl born 1860, age of empires, high noon of European imperialism, Alfred Dreyfus case, imposition of Balfour Declaration, Herzl dies leaving behind a Zionist organization

31:50 King-Crane Commission: Henry King and Charles Crane, polling the public about establishing a Jewish state, Jews least acceptable to both Christians and Muslims, unanimity in rejecting Balfour Declaration, King-Crane report suppressed

50:50 False history: no legal standing of the Balfour Declaration, Britain assumes Palestine as own territory, creates open door policy to Palestine, anti-Semitism rampant and ancient, might makes right, settlement will come in context of false history, Edwin Montagu

59:42 END