854 – Topics


00:03 Orgy of slaughter: Yom Kippur veteran, reaction to Oct 7/23 Hamas terrorist attack, coalition parties in Israel, separating the government from the military, first time coalition of Right minded parties

13:24 Projection: Gazans invaded on Oct 7, Hamas projecting its crimes on to Israel, gullibility of the West, Iraq Syria and Lebanon also new nations created when Israel created, Jews never allowed to settle, hired Arab labor eventually became Palestinian refugees, Britain screwed up big time, Israel fighting the British and not the Arabs

30:04 Only the one: five armies attacked Israel- Egypt-Lebanon-Jordan-Syria-Iraq, superior culture and politics of Israel, Israel is a Western nation, Jewish ‘colonization’ a contradiction

45:30 Regrets: morality of a nation’s ethnic and religious base, broad definition of genocide, no peace in the foreseeable future, no peace with maze of tunnels, story of regret

59:42 END