858 – Topics


00:03 Definitions: key definitions, conservative, conservatism, liberal, freedom, Rand Debate, Canadian Chief Justice Ivan Rand

16:00 Unfettered: two competing cures for WOKEism, conservatism a major force against freedom, David Haskell, Bruce Pardy, unfettered individual liberty, theocracy, progressives, classic liberalism, not to promote but to protect, too little freedom, too much freedom

32:45 Virtue signaling: shortwave broadcasting as signaling device, government signaling is coercive, political prisoners are a form of government signaling, Christian virtue signaling, language and words

47:30 Christian virtue: church and state, values wrongly associated with Christianity, Ayn Rand on liberals and conservatives, conservative-Christian morality is immoral, consent is the proper moral principle

59:42 END