861 – Topics


00:03 Memory issues: poor memory, essence vs particulars, bad memories, selective memories, Netanyahu’s arrest warrant, Iran’s president Raisi, Brendan O’Neill

15:15 Lockdown amnesia: refusal to hold serious inquiries or commissions, Reiner Fullmich kidnapped, Corona Investigative Committee, National Citizens Inquiry, censorship industrial complex, two kinds of knowledge, Forgettance day, we never learn from history, lockdown amnesia like mass formation

31:00 Down the memory hole: Brexit, state of the unions, carbonated propaganda about CO2, made in China, circles in the park, masks of submission, the smoking gun – hydroxychloroquine, socialist distancing, Agenda 21, Great Reset, Canada’s Emergency Act, manipulation of language

46:30 Mental isms: culture of forgetting leads to monstrous developments, keeping a culture’s memory alive, education, mentalism

59:42 END