863 – Topics


00:03 Compensation: censorship industrial complex, culture of fear and ignorance, government overreaction to COVID19, health care providers meeting opposition and hostility when reporting injuries, provincial medical guilds, vaccine injury compensation, Canada downplaying injuries caused by its policies

17:35 Down the memory hole: people terrorized and coerced into accepting vaccine, no proper consent process, people and politicians want to throw past events down the memory hole, amnesia of COVID, medical profession abandons all medical ethics, no informed consent, informed consent not possible, politicians hand over their power to medical authoritarians

33:30 The pendulum is swinging: no fault compensation, abrogation of political leaders to take responsibility for their citizens, hysteria infected politicians as well, political police, show trials, the pendulum is swinging

43:10 The greatest lie: police state operates under an understood basis, part of political zeitgeist, determination of vaccine injury, turbo cancers, Just Right shadow banned, promoters of fear promote lies, that we are subject to pandemics at all is ‘the’ greatest lie

59:42 END