867 – Topics


00:03 Time served: criminal trials of Julian Assange, Assange accused of being controlled opposition, messenger versus message, overview of Assange case, media spins narratives not objective facts, Assange charged with espionage

12:20 War depends on lies: narrative or objective fact, video of Americans killing civilians in Bagdad, fake criminal charges, releasing leaks from whistleblowers, First Amendment rights under attack, surveillance state, Orwellian wars, war depends on lies, peace depends on truth, objective truth versus narratives

28:25 Shining a light: empire of lies, vassals and satellites, Anglo-American empire, no republican values in empires, 1917 Espionage Act, free press to serve the governed not government, the Fourth Estate

45:05 Military Industrial Congressional Complex: deleting the Congressional component, interest groups and money laundering, Canadian parliament honors Nazi, fake narrative that we are a democratic country with constitution, public always misinformed and uninformed, eternal vigilance

59:42 END