Jul 012021

Like many countries in the Western world, Canada is being ruled by “mad doctors and B-movie Nazis.”

State health care officials, with the aid of fascist politicians in all parties, have created a tyranny unlike any before experienced in history. Yet there are millions of people who remain utterly blind to their political condition, unable to conceptualize a political evil that has killed and murdered hundreds of millions of people throughout history.

Part of their blindness has been caused by the fear generated around a fictional flu pandemic and by very real threats of force and violence by their governments – governments that have utterly abandoned their primary duty to protect individual rights and to maintain a condition of freedom.

And of course, a great part of this blindness is the result of various corporate media spewing outrageous and false propaganda about ‘Covid cases’ and viral ‘variants’ in a never-ending round-the-clock Orwellian campaign to coerce people into getting a highly dangerous and deadly ‘vaccine.’ Coupled with outright censorship of anyone who expresses the truth about the ‘vaccines’ or about the real fascist agenda, those who never hear the truth thus become agents of their own destruction.

This has not happened overnight. In Canada, the nation’s slide into collectivist fascism was given a great boost by Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s patriation of Canada’s constitution along with its Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in 1982. “The writing was on the wall,” as they say.

Sadly, Canadians who today find themselves desperately fighting for their rights and freedom through legitimate political and legal means must rely on a corrupted constitution that explicitly places the power of the state above individual rights. All of Canada’s institutions have been corrupted to this end: the parliaments and legislatures, the courts, the police, and above all, the corporate media once considered the ‘fourth estate.’

With elections looming on the horizon, hopes are fading that there will ever be an end to the lockdowns and fascist Covid controls since every party in parliament support them.

In any event, voting against the tyranny may no longer suffice, even if a majority did so. In comparing the romantic view of democracy with its reality, a shocking fact emerges. Those in power have never been ‘the people.’ Or even the politicians.
We recently witnessed a clear example of this in the last American election.

The power brokers have long been among the self-appointed ‘elite’ who consider their power to be permanent. But thanks to their currently overplayed Covid power play, many of them have now been openly identified as being the enemy of the people. It is in their utter panic to prevent being held accountable for their criminal actions that the frenzy to ‘vaccinate’ and to maintain the lockdowns continues unabated.

A confrontation is inevitable. Freedom must prevail, or things will never be Just Right again.

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