Jan 132022

Speculation about a coming national mandatory vaccination for all Canadian citizens has been fueled by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently making some outrageous comments on a French interview program in Quebec, here translated:

“Yes, We will get out of this pandemic by vaccination.
We all know people who are a little bit hesitant.
We will continue to try to convince them.
But there are also people who are fiercely against vaccination.
They are extremists, who don’t believe in science, they’re often misogynists, also often racists.
It’s a small group that muscles in and we have to make a choice, in terms of leaders, in terms of the country, do we tolerate these people?
Or do we say, hey, most of the Quebecois people, 80% are vaccinated?
We want to come back to things we like doing.
It’s not those people (the vaccinated) who are blocking us…”

To hear words like that coming out of the mouth of any politician in a Western nation, let alone in Canada, is an obscenity. Not only is every word in Trudeau’s statement demonstrably false, it reveals the character of a man who is despicable and deplorable. Beyond his personal shortcomings and a shameful record of ethics violations, Trudeau is doing exactly the opposite of what any responsible leader in a real health pandemic would do.

Every word of his agenda was written and scripted years ago and now, befittingly, the master of drama theatrics is parroting his lines and acting out his Great Reset script. As are many of the world’s leaders – all exactly on cue.

To complicate matters, in the United States many of Donald Trump’s supporters are seriously questioning his continual promotion of ‘the vaccines’ and his apparent denial of their adverse reactions. Suspicions are rising that Trump has now joined the ranks of world leaders pushing these ‘experimental’ injections on their citizens, and on its face, it would appear so.

But Trump is no Trudeau, and never has been.

Trudeau’s hysterical insistence on ‘vaccinating’ every person in the country is consistent with his open admiration for tyrannies like China and with his open contempt for Canadians. Moreover, Trudeau is a globalist who has no intentions of protecting Canadian interests or even protecting the fundamental rights supposedly guaranteed Canadians in a charter drafted by his father.

In Trump’s case, the optics can be very misleading – and likely are, given his past record as president of the United States, one that was astonishingly successful at putting ‘America first’ and creating the most vibrant and prosperous economy the country had seen in years. While it can seem confusing and inconsistent to see Trump recommend vaccinations no differently than his political opponents, it is that inconsistency itself that should alert us to the possibility that all may not be as it seems.

To discover the truth, we must begin by applying the principles of logic and observation that we know to be Just Right.

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  5 Responses to “741 – Vax a nation—with tyranny’s fatal shots”

  1. It is naive to imagine that Trump was not always part of the elite’s plan for a new world order based on the neo-fascist WEF Great Reset agenda. Politics is theatre for the masses, designed to persuade them that they have some say in their own lives.
    World leaders are simply lead actors in the drama and Trump was a particularly good one for a while until he gave the game away with his warp-speed embrace the elite’s global vaccination programme.
    The pschotic plutocracy which runs the world and their political minions are becoming more transparent and arrogant about their objectives. They will not stop until the entire world is enslaved in a techocratic web of surveillance and control now being rolled out under the guise of combatting a virus no more dangerous than flu.
    To borrow from Klaus Schwab, the “window of opportunity” to save ourselves from serfdom to an unelected technocracy is closing – at warp speed.

  2. Why argue about vaccines if the threat was a false alarm?
    Doesn’t it smash the mandatory vaccine paradigm to prove the Covid Mortality Hyped Hundredfold https://www.amazon.com/dp/b09dfgld8d threat was a hoax?
    Would you take the suicide clot shot if you knew the Covid Mortality threat is a hoax? https://www.amazon.com/dp/b09dfgld8d
    “I refuse the jab because the Covid mortality threat was
    hyped a hundredfold by comparing Covid CFR to the too small Flu IFR.”
    http://SmartestMan.Ca/kotp videos index

  3. Why have you held out my comment about Trump being as much an instrument of the globalist elite as the rest of their political stage managers?
    And you are the ones always bitching censorship!
    Now at least publish this to show you have an ounce of guts and integrity!\

  4. They are NOT vaccines!

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