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In an effort to describe and explain the madness forcing various versions of a “green agenda” upon us, our guest Salim Mansur recently found himself drawn to a series of essays originally compiled in Ayn Rand’s 1971 book “The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution.” (re-released in 1999 as “Return of the Primitive” with additional essays by Peter Schwartz on the enduring legacy of the Left.)

“There is something fundamentally primitive in this malady, this profound sickness that has overtaken Western man,” laments Salim. “It was astounding. Everything that Rand wrote about is what we’re living through. This is not a new debate.”

Drawing upon Rand’s symbolic comparison of the Greek gods Apollo and Dionysus with the Right and Left respectively, Salim is led unavoidably to the conclusion that the making of civilizations is an individual undertaking, not a collective one.

In the light of that reality, the collectivist wave now enveloping the West can itself be understood to be both the cause and symptom of civilization’s collapse.

At the root of collectivism’s popular appeal lies the primitive ideology of Karl Marx “which pretends to be rational science” but is in reality not rational in any sense of the word. Calling for a “dictatorship of the proletariat” to resolve the “alienation of man from nature,” Marxist doctrine denies not only the nature of man as a rational being, but the fact that left to “nature” alone, most of humanity would perish.

The evil irony is that in the denial of these realities, an agenda is revealed: the agenda of a death cult being romantically associated with a “back to nature” movement through state funded propaganda and the glaring absence of a fourth estate.

It is an agenda that calls for crippling reductions in CO2 emissions, the gas of life. The restriction of oil and gasoline products, including the internal combustion engine, has been among plans that also will restrict private vehicle ownership and operation. More “climate change” lockdowns are planned and have been announced months in advance. And individual “carbon footprints” are to be tracked along with vaccine status and financial records via the planned “vaccine passports” to ultimate tyranny.

Political initiatives, one and all, there’s nothing natural about any of them. Only under the unnatural dictatorship of the primitive are such life-destroying agendas pursued.

Symbolically speaking, we must now call upon Apollo – the individual man of Reason – to set things Just Right again by acting in the solitary effort required to end the chaos of Dionysus.

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