Sep 282023

To continue treating the fictional “2SLGBTQIA+ community” as if it was an actual constituency of some sort is playing the Left’s game. The invention of this imaginary community is part of an explicitly outlined Marxist agenda, which for the most part appears to be a fact left out of the broader discussion.

In the wake of Canada’s September 20th’s Million March for Children, every politician from Justin Trudeau to the mayors of local municipalities chimed in on their rehearsed opposition to the event. “I am alarmed by the increasingly harmful anti-2SLGBTQIA+ rhetoric that is being directed toward our schools,” declared Whitby Ontario mayor Elizabeth Roy.

Since her alarm in no way addressed the purpose of the Million March for Children and echoed the same misdirected and irrational message being repeated by politicians across the country, it was clear that this was outright political propaganda organized at some higher level.

Meanwhile, the union-organized counter protests also repeated the same propaganda, thus rendering them utterly unable to rationally articulate their case when asked to do so. This is understandable as the labor organizers of the counter protesters clearly stated they were there merely to “disrupt” those in the Million March for Children.

Of course, the real issue being addressed by the Million March protest concerns parental rights over their minor children attending public schools, rights being violated by an immoral and criminal ideology asserting that “children have rights” over which their parents should have no say.

Indeed, the “counter protesters” generally looked like criminals, with most wearing masks to hide their identities, as others dressed as terrorists or hostile militia. It was difficult for observers not to notice signs of mental illness among the union “activists.”

To be sure, the Million March for Children can only be judged a success for its organizers and participants, whose alliance of differing religious, ethnic and racial backgrounds made a mockery of how the Marxists and politicians described them. Even better, in forcing the counter-protesters out into the open, the public was able to see the stark contrast between the peaceful and well-informed marchers and the violent and ignorant union “activists.”

Most alarming are the “ABCs” of “gender identities” being taught to young children in public schools, all anti-concepts that have no connection to reality. Among the bizarre word inventions are: agender, bigender, cisgender, demigender, endogender, genderfluid, horogender, intersex, juxera, kynigender, libragender, offgender, pangender, and a host of other words that any spell-checker will refuse to identify as valid.

Subjecting children to this kind of Marxist ideology is child abuse, plain and simple. Those responsible should be held accountable, something almost impossible to do within an education monopoly.

The only solution that could be Just Right for everyone involved is to privatize the school system, extend parental rights to choosing the school their children attend, and abolish all Marxist lobby groups posing as labor organizations.

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  One Response to “830 – The ABCs of Marxist gender propaganda”

  1. Excellent post. I would only add that I would desertification labor unions that engage in politically focused demonstrations on issues that have nothing to do with the quality of work. I think that they should be decertified because politics is something for the individual members to speak on and not the union. I would also make union dues and membership voluntary and i would no longer allow the government to collect them.
    IUnions have obviously become more like political parties than labor parties. And are active year round instead of primarily when contracts are being negotiated.
    I find it particularly abhorrent that teachers unions are fighting openly against parents. They have completely abandoned the teachers place as being, in Loco parentis. They aren’t replacements for parents. They are the custodial agents of parents. They think they can act independently of parents and place the interests of the government ahead of parents.
    No parent should have to argue with the school system he/she funds about a child’s education when it comes to issues like sexual orientation. The school isn’t the home.

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