Apr 102024

There has recently been a growing concern and much discussion about why so many people are still not awake, but just remain WOKE in the face of a pending civilizational collapse. “The WOKE mind virus is the greatest existential threat faced by humanity,” concludes Gad Saad, and Elon Musk apparently shares his alarm.

Among other causes cited for this sad state of affairs are the inability to have an inner monologue, the effect of the Covid spike protein, fear mongering, bacteria, chronic infection, the fake news media, intelligence guided by irrational bias, and of course the WOKE ideology, to name but a few.

Missing from most of the discussions is the ‘means’ by which people actually think: through the use of concepts and language. Because the human mind is essentially ‘programmable,’ and because words and concepts are the ‘software’ on which each mind functions, humans in the exercise of free will have the capacity and choice to think and behave either rationally or irrationally.

An irrational concept is one that does not conform to reality or reason. And significantly, irrational concepts can be held by highly intelligent people. How is this possible?

As Ayn Rand explained: “On the axiom of the primacy of existence, intelligence is man’s most precious attribute. But intelligence has no place in a society ruled by the primacy of consciousness; it is such a society’s deadliest enemy.”

Rand was referring to the two primary opposite ways of thinking: the ‘primacy of consciousness’ (in which reality is not perceived by consciousness but is created by consciousness) and the ‘primacy of existence’ (in which reality exists irrespective of anyone’s consciousness). In the world of politics, the Left operates on the primacy of consciousness, while the Right operates on the primacy of existence.

Any mind operating on the primacy of consciousness will be unable to deal with reality and will arrive at false conclusions on matters regarding everything from the trivial to life and death decisions. Such a mind will therefore attempt to force reality to comply with whatever irrational ideology has been adopted. This is exactly the process we are experiencing today: the so-called WOKE ideology is little more than Marxist irrationality re-branded.

In contrast, a mind operating on the primacy of existence will apply intelligence to the task of adapting to nature and reality, not to defy them – and will adopt a philosophy in accordance with logic and reason – a rational philosophy. “Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed,” observed Francis Bacon in a statement that warned against defying the laws of nature.

But thinking is not an automatic function; one must choose to think. Thinking requires both volitional effort and focused awareness. The inability – or refusal – to ‘think’ by a significant percentage of the population is the fundamental cause of the Western world’s slide into tyranny.

“Thinking is man’s only basic virtue, and his basic vice – the source of all evils – is the willful suspension of consciousness,” warned Ayn Rand. “If devotion to truth is the hallmark of morality, then there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.”

To facilitate rational thinking, the first step to take is to ensure that our concepts and definitions are Just Right, and if so, the truth will emerge as both the reward and proof of mankind’s rationality.

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