Mar 012018

War is Peace

The Ontario Progressive Conservative Party leaders debate once again demonstrates how so many who call themselves ‘conservative’ will support a party that is ‘conservative’ in name only and which has no history or evidence of ever having been in favor of freedom or capitalism. This phenomenon is not unique to Ontario, but has become equally applicable to conservatism everywhere in North America.

This attests to the power of words and language, and to the Left’s successful manipulation of concepts – usually to mean their opposite.

Therefore, far from being offered a true electoral choice – an alternative to the current political movement Leftward – voters are faced with what George Orwell might have called a “double plus good one party system.”

Conservatism’s ‘obituary’ was already written – by Ayn Rand – over a half century ago, based on the general assumption that conservatives were representatives of the Right (freedom and capitalism). But if this has ever been the case, there is no evidence for it, as our listeners will discover upon hearing her scathing analysis of conservatism as it existed in her time.

Sadly, her analysis has proven consistently to be true right to the present day, and will undoubtedly remain true so long as conservatives share the Left’s ‘altruistic’ moral code that denies individualism and freedom in favor of collectivism and state control of everything from the economy to personal choice.

The natural polarity of Left and Right no longer exists between ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’ since both camps have staked their claim on the ideals of the Left – the something for nothing philosophy that has led the world into some of its most horrendous living conditions and conflicts.

So while others continue on their chosen journey Leftward, we’ll continue to side with freedom and capitalism, described by Ayn Rand as the “system that in one brief century achieved a level of freedom, of progress, of prosperity, of human happiness unmatched in all the other systems and centuries combined.”

Morality and ethics demand a support of freedom because it is the only political condition that is Just Right – for the betterment of human living everywhere.

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