Jun 242018

With their royal thoughts on a royal subject, Robert and Danielle reflect on the May 19 wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle held at Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom.

Whatever one’s views on the subject, it’s not necessary be a ‘monarchist’ in order to appreciate the cultural significance of the event.

Against the backdrop of serious troubles facing the United Kingdom, royal weddings remain one of those events that still retain a clear association with the history and culture of the kingdom. With its transition from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy, the way was paved for the eventual recognition of individual rights – and of the state’s role and responsibility in protecting those rights.

Against all of the changing and varied frames of cultural reference that have presented a challenge to the peaceful kingdom, interest in the royal wedding transcends the nation’s problems.

The symbolism of the wedding may incorporate many things, from the fairy tale of living in a castle – fantasy brought to life – to the tradition of family and nation in a way that unites and brings people together.

Either way, notes Danielle, royal weddings provide a “feel good moment that celebrates life, love, happiness,” and portends a future that promises to be Just Right.

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