Dec 122013

Almost Human


00:07 Pray For Us: feedback on Rand’s groupies and followers, helping the poor, Ayn Rand in poverty, capitalism, Pope Francis, abstractions vs concretes
14:49 Post Delivery Age: Rob Ford, Ford Vs Blair budget debate, media reaction to Rob Ford, Public Education and Ryan’s Law, Ryan Gibbons, asthma inhaler, loco parentis, Colorado six-year-old kiss = sexual harrassment, Canada Post, elimination of door-to-door service, postal monopoly, privatizing postal delivery, corporation not liable for loss of mail, competition cure
38:02 Almost Robot: TV show recommendation: Almost Human, caller Scott on Canada Post, developers pay for community mail boxes, Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, Mackenzie Crook, 2048 back-drop to stories, good on screen chemistry, sci-fi robots, human-robot TV teams, Almost Human’s potential
42:12 Mislead Millions With Poli-talk: Obamacare so Obama cares, William Safire’s Political Dictionary, language of politics, ideas, the ‘idea of freedom’, ideology, political proverbs and axioms 55:32 END

321 – Star Trek: Kahn game / Fall TV lineup / Where The Heart Is

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Oct 112013

Where the Heart is


00:07 Kahn Game – Star Trek’s Parallel Uni Verse: Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), a Star Trek reincarnation, casting, Wrath of Kahn Two?, parallel themes, searching for the romantic Star Trek; [11:05] 2013 new TV show review: poor casting in Agent of SHIELD, looking for heroes, two thumbs up for The Crazy Ones, Robin Williams’ reputation is his challenge, beef with McDonald’s
17:10 Your Fall Season TV Guys: TV show review: no to The Goldbergs’ narration style, Mom’s edgy humour, Dads with Seth Green and Martin Mull, Super Fun Night’s zany chemistry works, campy Atlantis with Greek gods and minotaurs, Hello Ladies funny, Witches of East End worth a look, Sleepy Hollow enjoyable
29:40 Capitalism Is Where The Art Is: Movie Review: Where The Heart Is (1990), a celebration of art and capitalism, profit and loss, adversity and failure, art, beauty, plot overview, Roger Ebert’s 1.5 out of 4 unreasonable criticism of reasonable characters, romantic art, light and truth
53:21 End Program: TV cancellations, sudden endings to favourite TV shows, binge watching in self defense, time invested in Under the Dome, Lucky Seven cancelled, two (what?s) up for Masters of Sex, writers ‘ strike block: Moonlight, Drive, Eastwick, Invasion, Back To You 1:00:02 END


Jun 062013

303 - Aesop_and_Son_168x100


00:07 The Story Of The Moral: stories, fairy tales, morality, pinnacle of thought, need for arts and entertainment, culture’s focal point, sense of life, Star Trek, Rob Ford, sacrifice, Aesop, fables, moral of the story, The Dog And The Wolf
14:45 From Aesop To Star Trek – The Moral Of The Stories: The Coyote And The Jackrabbit, Rocky And Bullwinkle, Aesop’s fables, Aesop’s sayings, favourite stories, Star Trek’s moral messages
26:28 Still Seeing Red – From TV Frustrations To Martian Distractions The Forgetful King, cancelled TV shows, Caller Scott: An Aesop Fable, needs of the few vs needs of the many, TV story endings, TV stories – good and bad, TV shows that killed themselves: Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Lost, Mars Attracts – Martian Books and Movies – a history, Jules Verne
50:15 Once Upon A Tale – At Least Ten Stories Tall: [An Original Rob Ford Fairy Tale] 55:51 END


273 – Focus: The ‘Rules of Acquisition’

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Oct 252012



Star Trek’s Ugly Caricatures Of Capitalists: The Ferengi
True Or False? ‘Anything stolen is pure profit.’ (Rule Of Acquisition #14)
Rule Of Acquisition #10: ‘Greed is eternal.’ – Socially Speaking
Beware The Grand Nagus

261 – Growing up with television / Honey West – Some shows were black and white

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Aug 022012


FOCUS ON: Growing Up With Television – The First Generation
Two Bobs Views On Boob Tube Viewing: Time Wasted, Or Invested?
Television Markers Of The Times In Which We Live
Honey West – Some Shows Were Black And White
TV In 2012 – Individuals Choose, But Where’s The Romanticism?