May 302019

digital charter

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement that he would introduce a ‘Digital Charter’ to protect Canadians from on line ‘disinformation’ was a chilling indictment of his government’s ideology and political objectives.

Unable to control the public narrative in his favor as he heads into a federal election, Trudeau has sought to undermine the very foundation of liberal democracy by threatening to impose “meaningful financial consequences” on social media platforms that do not censor, ‘deplatform,’ or otherwise “counter disinformation” on their sites.

To call this unconscionable would be an understatement. But given the identity politics that has defined Trudeau’s government as one obsessed with categorizing the nation’s citizens on the basis of race, color, sex, language, heritage, gender, and religion, his agenda deserves to be called that and more. After all, maintaining falsehoods requires censorship; truth requires an environment of freedom of speech.

Since ‘disinformation’ can always be countered by exercising one’s freedom of speech so as to offer an opposing or differing point of view, Trudeau’s demands that social media platforms perform this function amounts to a demand for omnipotence on their part. They are being forced to determine the truth – in an environment of censorship and threats by government!

By simply asking why Trudeau prefers censorship instead of responding to ‘disinformation’ in a way that is Just Right, an inconvenient truth about Trudeau and his government becomes self-evident.

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  1. Yet another reason why the media platform for freedom remains shortwave radio.

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