Oct 092019

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The story of Greta Thunberg’s pearl-clutching and condemnations of “how dare you” has overshadowed her message of doom, gloom, and the impending apocalypse.

For her handlers to feed on Greta’s autism is as much a disgrace as the media circus surrounding this 16-year-old’s anxiety — an anxiety created and stoked by politicians whose end game is power, control, and a much poorer existence for humanity.

  4 Responses to “The pearls of Greta Thunberg | The Danielle Metz Show 075”

  1. Once more, one of my countrymen is a global embarrassment, but indeed she is being used and is more of a victim than a perpetrator.

    Still, what example is she setting? It seems like the best way for a young woman to find to fame and fortune, as well as becoming a serious contender for a Nobel Prize, is to skip school. A sick irony.

    • Well said, Paul. Even more ironic here in Ontario is that skipping school entirely may be the best way to avoid the climate change brainwashing that passes for “education” in Ontario’s publicly funded classrooms.

      When we see in the high school curriculum 131 references to climate change, 44 references to greenhouse gas, and one single, solitary reference to what really drives climate on this planet – the Milankovitch Cycles – those of us who are properly educated in real science know full well that teachers are no longer teaching science; they’re indoctrinating students with leftist political ideology. The net result is an entire generation of pathetic creatures like Greta Thunberg graduating in a state of perpetual terror about the imminent end of life on Earth.

      The real existential threat we face is the fact that these scientifically destitute victims of the educational system will be the leaders of tomorrow.

      I like Ava Martinez, aka “Mini AOC”, a properly educated young lady of 8 years, half Greta’s age with a far better grip on reality than poor Greta and AOC will ever have. This world would greatly benefit from more Avas and more CO2.

      • I’m with you, Dave.

        It is clear that formalised education is simply indoctrination. I worked as a substitute teacher in the Swedish school system for three years. In my opinion, and I choose my words carefully, every penny spent on state-run education in Sweden (and I am sure elsewhere) is a penny wasted. Not knocking the teachers either. From what I experienced, their hearts were in the right place, but they have to follow a curriculum. All I can comment on is the results; those results being that Swedish children will know all about climate change, homosexuality, gender inequality and social power differentials, but not be able to add two numbers together, tell the difference between a noun and a verb nor have any appreciation of their own history or culture. No kidding, I asked my class one Easter if they knew what Lent was, and they ALL thought it was the same as Ramadan.

        Little Greta is a product of her society. I quite teaching the year she was born (2003). It can only have become worse since then.

  2. Not expecting everyone to know the Swedish language, but in the spirit of getting everything just right, if English speakers said “TOON-berry”, it was be extremely close to the correct way of pronouncing her name.

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