Oct 312019

Maxime loses seat

If there’s one thing that we can all learn from the way the last Canadian federal election was conducted, it was that the People’s Party of Canada was the single party most feared by the Left. Indeed, it is Canada’s only party that is not on the Left itself.

What’s more significant is that even after the election – one in which the PPC did not have a single candidate elected, and its leader lost his own parliamentary seat – the PPC obviously still continues to be the party most feared by the Left. The evidence of this can be found in the still continuing public expressions of hatred and fear being levied against the PPC and its leader, Maxime Bernier.

These vile and contemptible accusations – all demonstrably false – originate from the mainstream media, the mainstream political parties, and hateful ‘anti-hate’ groups of the Left like the National Council of Canadian Muslims whose Oct 26 Globe & Mail hateful and libellous commentary is deconstructed and condemned line-by-line on today’s show.

And then there’s Warren Kinsella. Hired by the Conservative Party of Canada to libel and slander Bernier and the PPC, we were already well aware of Kinsella for such antics. He has in past directed similar tactics against our own show, Just Right, and even arbitrarily included Ontario’s party on the Right, the Freedom Party of Ontario, in his first book, Web of Hate.

Remarkably, despite his history of hating anything and anybody ‘Right,’ Kinsella has been promoted and endorsed by Conservatives and sources who most would consider being on the ‘right’ – sources like the Toronto Sun, the National Post, Ottawa Citizen, Globe and Mail and the Calgary Herald. All of their endorsements appear on the cover of Kinsella’s 2012 book, Fight The Right.

While today’s show provides many of the details surrounding these facts, what you’ll hear is but the tip of a very huge iceberg of deceit and deception directed against the PPC, including both lies of commission and lies of omission, the hallmarks of the Left. Expect more on our future broadcasts.

Given the poisoned political environment in which this election was conducted, it is indeed remarkable that a political party less than two years in existence was able to garner well over a quarter-million votes. Though disappointing to many on the Right, it is a remarkable political achievement, one that has clearly been acknowledged by the Left. The Left continues – even after the election – to spew its irrational hatreds and false accusations of ‘racism’ against a political party and movement that it would like us all to believe is now dead and in the grave. In so doing, we think they ‘doth protest too much.’

The real tragedy of Election’19 is that millions of Canadian voters were misinformed and disinformed to the point where they were no longer in a position (as an informed electorate) to cast their votes with the true knowledge necessary to the functioning of a free democracy.

For the People’s Party of Canada, Canada’s 2019 election wasn’t an election race. It was an election racism.

The PPC may not have won electoral power this time around, and that should have surprised no one. But what the PPC did win was the support and respect of truly ethical voters – those who support freedom and all of the positive and life-affirming ethical values that entails. Those are the values that are Just Right, and always will be.

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  4 Responses to “629 – What the PPC won in an election lost”

  1. Time will tell where this smear campaign went and just what was done to stain the party. I ran in Sarnia Lambton and expect the government to fall quickly. Your news group took the time to get informed and I hope you continue to cover the growth of the PPC. We are not giving up…..we did awesome in our first election. We are on the way Canada!!!! Hang on its not too late.

  2. The PPC rocks! “We’ve nailed it” as far as I’m concerned.

    I’ve only been following politics intently for a short time. It’s blatently obvious to me and all PPC’ers that there is no one in Canadian politics who compares to the passion, and morals of Mad Max! He’s my hero! I love Canada.

    Thanks Brian for your optimism regarding the Liberal minority falling quickly.

    God is our saviour. Let’s continue to pray for, support, and work hard in our individual ridings to strengthen PPC. We are Canada’s only hope for a, sensible, sane, safe, and prosperous nation!

    Mad Max is our man!

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