Mar 262020

Recent drastic actions taken by various global governments have called into question the wisdom of their forcing a ‘cure’ on the populace that is far worse than the disease.

“Facts. Not fear,” proclaim Canadian government officials as they proceed to terrify Canadians from coast to coast about the coronavirus. Yet the only ‘facts’ offered are meaningless statistics such as, for example, citing “688 cases with 5 in hospital and 19 deaths.”

How do these statistics (which are dwarfed by comparative statistics related to a host of other viral infections) possibly justify any of the actions being taken by our politicians? Do our politicians know something we don’t know? If so, not telling us is as big a crime as one can imagine.

We have been told that this is being done “to protect the health and safety of Canadians.” We have been told that this is being done “to flatten the curve and plank the curve.” We have been told that things “will get worse before they get better.”

One thing is sure. Things will get worse – for everyone – not necessarily because of the coronavirus, but because of the outrageous response to it being taken by governments world-wide.

Tragically, there will never be any way to measure the success or failure of their actions. Whether the virus spread reaches a peak and then subsides, or whether it fails to materialize at all, the government can always claim ‘it would have been worse’ had no action been taken at all.

What is measurable is the extent to which governments are violating civil liberties and destroying the economy. On what objective evidence is this level of social, economic, and political destruction justifiable in an effort of trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

History has repeatedly demonstrated that government-declared emergencies are too often simply a justification for violating individual freedom. History also demonstrates that the violation of life, liberty and property kills – and has killed – more people than any flu virus ever has. What needs to be spread is a ‘virus’ of liberty, not a pandemic of government control.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, it seems Just Right to us that the best way to defeat this coronavirus is by spreading the ‘Liberty Virus.’

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  One Response to “647 – Spreading the Liberty Virus will defeat coronavirus”

  1. This is probably one of the best shows I’ve heard yet! None of the conventional media ever get to the heart of the matter – nor wish to – concerning this virus. The ethics of real human value shines through, and it is liberating.

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