Apr 232020

According to CBC News (April 15/20), the Canadian federal government let it be known it was open to new laws to fight ‘pandemic misinformation.’

One instance cited was “the misinformation regarding conspiracy theories about what triggered the pandemic – claims that it was cooked up in a lab, for example.” Ironically, the growing evidence and consensus about the SARS CoV-2 virus is that it was indeed engineered in a lab, though theories of how it initially spread vary greatly.

Another example of ‘misinformation’ that the Canadian government wants to fight, are claims that the drug hydroxychloroquine has demonstrated itself to be effective at treating COVID-19. Again ironically, the growing evidence and consensus about hydroxychloroquine is that it is indeed very effective in treating the COVID-19.

Though Canadian government officials continually remind us that “there are many unknowns” regarding COVID-19, apparently they are quite knowledgeable about the fact that the virus was not “cooked up in a lab,” and that hydroxychloroquine is too dangerous to be administered to COVID-19 patients. And on what evidence is this based? None.

So as COVID-19 patients around the world are finding themselves successfully treated with hydroxychloroquine (along with other drug combinations), left to their politicians, Canadian COVID-19 patients would be denied such options. This is a consequence of political considerations, not health considerations. It’s simply criminal, and serves as a political tactic to prolong the Canadian shut down for as long as possible – a shut down that has long ceased to be justifiable.

Fortunately, there is one world leader who is committed to doing what is Just Right for his country: Donald Trump.

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