May 212020

On coronavirus, the contrast between what we’ve been told by the official medical establishment and a growing number of front-line health care professionals can no longer be avoided.

In fact, it appears that much of the advice promoted by our politicians and medical bureaucrats is diametrically opposed to that being given by many doctors and virologists directly involved with, and on, the frontlines of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Most confusing are the polarized opinions regarding ‘social distancing’ and the wearing of ‘protective’ masks.

Officialdom says social distancing and physical isolation are necessary to slow the virus, while the ‘front-liners’ say that social distancing and physical isolation actually make people more susceptible, not only to the SARS CoV-2 virus but to a whole host of other viruses and potential diseases.

Officialdom says wearing masks in public is recommended for safety whereas the ‘front-liners’ argue that wearing masks is not healthy for those who wear them. This practice, too, can lead to one becoming more vulnerable to all viruses.

As Ireland’s professor Dolores Cahill speculates: “it’s almost like they want to have a high increase in death so that they can retrospectively justify the lockdown and curtailments of our freedoms.” Her concerns echo those of California doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, as well as Dr Judy Mikovits – all who recently found their ‘viral’ YouTube videos removed from that platform.

But these arguments could well be secondary, given that effective treatments for SARS CoV-2 already exist. Long demonstrated to be effective with treating other coronavirus infections, the use of hydroxychloroquine continues to be regarded as ‘only anecdotal’ by America’s Anthony Fauci, Canada’s Theresa Tam, the American Medical Association, the Canadian Medical Association, and the politicians who blindly accept only their ‘official’ narrative.

If cures attributable to hydroxychloroquine (and other treatments) are to be regarded as ‘only anecdotal,’ how does one explain the fact that these ‘anecdotes’ have now been told thousands of times, yet still do not even qualify as a statistic worth citing?

These ominous responses and reactions to life-saving treatments reveal agendas and intentions completely inconsistent with concerns about ‘saving lives’ or ‘flattening curves.’ Indeed, it could conceivably be argued that our medical officials are guilty of medical malpractice.

When it comes to the shutdown itself, most politicians certainly appear to be guilty of political malpractice. The fact that the shutdown is still in place or that the government is micromanaging a so-called ‘economic recovery’ demonstrates an exercise of government authority and power that should never be permitted in a free society.

To defend these unjustifiable actions and violations of fundamental freedoms, politicians have resorted to virtue signaling their fake altruism and accusing those who simply wish to exercise their fundamental rights and freedoms of being ‘selfish.’

The only way to prevent pandemic government and to control the deadly virus of altruism is to do what’s Just Right: completely end the shutdown now and ensure that governments are committed to protecting individual freedom of choice — not to restricting it.

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