May 282020

More than being a demonstrated lifesaving treatment in fighting the COVID-19 virus (SARS CoV-2), hydroxychloroquine has now become a symbol of the fundamental political divide regarding the government-mandated lockdown.

Donald Trump’s recent announcement that he is personally using hydroxychloroquine was a direct challenge to negative mainstream media narratives about the drug. It was also a direct attack against those on the Left determined to keep the COVID-19 lockdown in effect for as long as possible, no matter how many people may die or suffer in the process.

In many jurisdictions around the world, it may appear that the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown is slowly ending, but the reality is that it is incrementally being extended – indefinitely – as politicians seek to entrench their recently exercised undemocratic powers over the rest of us. Political threats to repeatedly shut down areas of the economy on the basis of future COVID-19 statistics means that the economy may never be able to recover.

Tragically, at the root of all the shutdown strategies lies a single priority: the protection of healthcare ‘systems,’ a priority placed above that of protecting the lives of the people forced to deal with those systems. When the pandemic began, ‘flattening the curve’ to prevent hospitals from being overrun was the first and only stated objective of the shutdown. Today, the continued rationale for the shutdown is anybody’s guess, as it can change by the hour, and often does. But the priority hasn’t changed even though politicians insist their motivations are based on ‘saving lives.’

By placing the public spotlight on his use of hydroxychloroquine, Trump boldly demonstrated how ‘saving lives’ is not the goal of the mainstream media or the Left. Once again, Trump brilliantly did what was Just Right: he exposed the hypocrisy of those who claim to be motivated by ‘saving lives’ while simultaneously opposed to the use of that which is life-saving.

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  One Response to “656 – Viral spiral — Spinning the COVID-19 lockdown narratives”

  1. I agree with Bob’s conclusion that Premier Ford’s initiative to test all residents for the SARS-CoV-2 virus is ill conceived, provided that the testing program is limited to just that.

    What we desperately need is testing of all for both the virus AND antibodies.

    The presence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies would indicate that a person has had COVID-19 and survived, and now has immunity. Unless and until we know those numbers with certainty we will never know true case counts. Until we know true case counts we cannot know true mortality rates, or how close we are to achieving “herd immunity” which, for all we presently know, may already have happened.

    COVID-19 death counts are another problematic issue. Reports from various sources indicate that many deaths are being attributed to COVID-19 that have nothing to do with COVID-19.

    Particularly in the United States where surviving relatives are being awarded cash donations from state or federal governments when the cause of death of their dearly departed is listed as COVID-19, many death certificates are being falsified to get the cash settlement. Who doesn’t like “free” money coming from the government? It’s not as if governments are going to start exhuming bodies after the fact to confirm cause of death; and, as cremation has become so much more common, that’s a perfect way to dispose of the evidence of fraud in any case.

    COVID-19 has been reported as cause of death in cases where people have died of accidents and gunshot wounds. One well circulated report documents the case of an influential person insisting that a deceased relative, whose cause of death was listed as COVID-19, be tested for confirmation. Result? The person had never contracted the virus; but, apparently, died of it anyway – according to the death certificate. Go figure…

    The general process now seems to be that unless there is positive proof that the deceased did NOT have COVID-19 the default cause of death is COVID-19, regardless of any other factors or conditions that actually ended the person’s life.

    This sort of deceit is happening everywhere for reasons having to do with money, power, or the politics of making the disease appear much more lethal than it really is. Science and truth don’t matter.

    The end result is that COVID-19 death counts are being significantly artificially overestimated, while case counts are drastically underestimated because the case counts we have are based only on those who have been tested and confirmed to have had the virus. In healthy young people the COVID-19 mortality rate is so insignificant as to be essentially zero. Most of those people had either no symptoms or such mild symptoms that they never sought medical treatment, much less testing for the virus or antibodies.

    As an Ontario resident and taxpayer I would support and participate in a program to test all residents for both the virus and antibodies in order to obtain real, true data as to case counts and survival rates. But if all we’re going to do is test for the virus, it’s a colossal waste of time, money and human resources that would be far better directed to other endeavours.

    We’ll be able to quickly and simply estimate the true mortality impact of COVID-19 in about 20 months when we have total death counts established through to the end of 2021. Compare total deaths per unit of population for several years preceding and including 2021. If the number is significantly greater for 2020 than it is for other years within that timeline, the difference will most likely be attributable to COVID-19; if the number for 2020 is not significantly out of line with other years within that timeline it will mean that COVID-19 had no essential impact on normal mortality rates, regardless of what may have been recorded on death certificates in 2020.

    The true impact of COVID-19 economically and socially in terms of deprivation of personal rights and freedoms is already incalculable. The viruses responsible for that devastation infest the highest levels of what used to be leadership in this once great country.

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