Jun 042020

With everyone’s attention currently distracted by the violent and rioting ‘protesters’ associated with the George Floyd murder, the real protesters we should be paying attention to are those marching against the continued lockdowns and regulations related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many of the regulations regarding physical distancing are enforced with hefty fines. The regulations themselves have become so ridiculous and unrealistic that they are laughable, such as those associated with the circles painted on the lawn of Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Park last weekend.

In denying free citizens their inalienable right to freedom of association and to run their businesses as they see fit, politicians have been able to avoid responsibility for any consequences arising from their continued COVID-19 lockdowns by hiding behind a wall of ‘expertise’ dominated by doctors and scientists.

Unfortunately, not all doctors and scientists agree when it comes to the SARS CoV-2 virus. So inevitably politicians will choose to rely upon those who support a continued lockdown and/or regulatory regime, since this suits their political agenda.

Many politicians are now insisting that the COVID-19 shutdowns and distancing regulations will not completely end until ‘the science’ says it’s ok to do so. They do this knowing that most of the public trusts the objectivity of scientific inquiry, in contrast to their distrust of politicians.

However, science itself has many built-in biases and limitations. Science is not the disinterested objective field of study that so many people assume it to be. And even if it was, science has nothing to say about the nature of individual rights and freedoms – or when we should be permitted to exercise them.

The COVID-19 lockdown may never end as long as our politicians choose to remain ‘blinded by science.’ What’s required is not science, but the courage and wisdom associated with doing what’s Just Right: completely ending the shutdown now and ensuring that such an event must never happen again.

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