Jun 112020

The wearing of COVID-19 masks has become ideally symbolic of the Left’s hypocrisy thanks to the George Floyd riots and protests – public demonstrations that have little to do with either Floyd or with racism. Criminality aside, it was impossible not to notice that ‘protesters’ were neither ‘social distancing’ nor wearing masks. Crowds were massive.

Despite all their threats regarding the spreading of the SARS CoV-2 virus (ranging from fines to imprisonment), officials did nothing. The mainstream media celebrated the events.

Indeed, the very politicians and media pundits who scolded law-abiding peaceful citizens for daring to take their children to the playground or take walks in the park joined the mobs themselves and otherwise commended the ‘protesters’ for their criminal actions and evil objective – nihilism.

Professor Salim Mansur has likened the organized riots and violence to the wanton destruction perpetrated by Adolf Hitler on his own people when he realized that Germany was about to lose the war.

“That is Götterdämmerung. Bring the whole roof down upon the head of the German people because they are not worthy. This is the politics of the Left.”

Salim posits that all the mayhem is the result of the Democratic Party’s own Götterdämmerung. Having realized that they will lose the election in November and that their nemesis Donald Trump will return for another term, in true Leftist fashion, they blame the American people and are wreaking havoc upon their unworthy heads.

If there’s one thing about the George Floyd protests and riots that is Just Right, it’s how they have unmasked the true agenda and hypocrisy of the Left.

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