Jul 302020

Is it torture? Yes it is. Actions taken by world governments in managing the COVID-19 crisis have employed documented techniques used in the psychological torture of prisoners. And the objective is the same: submission.

It is no longer possible to pretend that health concerns are behind any of the official narratives regarding SARS CoV-2. Today’s accumulated evidence and relevant statistics do not even support the notion that there was ever a crisis in the first place. It was all a distraction to disarm us from being able to defend our individual rights and freedoms.

The continuing global COVID-19 lockdown threats, the mandating of wearing masks, false propaganda, social distancing, limiting the number of people with whom one can freely associate, etc., are all calculated to torture the populace into submission – as an end in itself. This is no conspiracy theory or speculation; it is the explicitly announced goal behind these actions, as described by the very people who are imposing them.

Thanks to a 24/7 constant barrage of media propaganda about COVID-19 ‘cases,’ a significant percentage of the public continues to dwell in ignorance (and fear!) about the realities of this pandemic non-crisis. This is compounded by the fact that valid and authoritative information about COVID-19 and related issues like wearing masks and social distancing is being impeded from reaching them. It’s criminal, given that thousands of lives are thus being intentionally sacrificed all for the sake of maintaining a false narrative.

There simply is no longer any need to fear the SARS CoV-2 virus since effective treatments (yes! Hydroxychloroquine!) already exist. A few days ago, when ‘America’s Frontline Doctors’ posted a video of their press conference confirming through their own personal experience that these treatments work, the video was removed from the platforms of Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter.

Of course, knowledge of this nature would completely bring down the entire COVID-19 house of cards, which is why those on the Left continually suppress the truth. The psychological and physiological stress that law abiding citizens and businesspeople have been forced to endure since the first COVID-19 lockdowns is an unconscionable consequence of immoral and unjustifiable government action – not of the SARS CoV-2 virus.

Fortunately, a growing number of people are slowly beginning to awaken to the truth and are doing something about it. But even so, it will be a long time indeed before we can expect things to be Just Right again, if it isn’t already too late.

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  One Response to “665 – COVID-19’s new world disorder – the torturous politics of submission”

  1. This is an excellent broadcast! One of the best I’ve heard, though it could not have been possible without the earlier expose’s and knowledge of current events. I was being tortured. I was the only employee protesting mandatory masks at work – and managers are aware of my willingness to go to court, so they left me ‘to my own devices’ and relaxed the mandatory aspect to only those actually on the conveyor belts.

    But my space was closing in and I would not have complied. I still go in stores without a mask. Its torture not knowing when I will be a police target or noticed by some public citizen and tattled on that I am in some locked out park, or in a store without a mask or too close. I still make an effort to hug those brave enough to do so. I’m down to one left other than my family. I still shake hands with strangers when they bolster enough courage.

    “I will not submit” I screamed at obedient farmer market customers last weekend – all who were wearing masks outside! Some were reprimanded by security guards for having it only on their chins walking on the sidewalk!

    Thank you so much for this broadcast. What a godsend to identify what was happening, the connection of politics to personal impact. I shall now gather more impetus and fight more….and more……and more against this utterly sick politics.

    Others agree, but I want those who will act as well for their own lives.

    This is war governments have chosen against the good. I’m going to war! Thank you!

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