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For those cognizant of the facts, it can no longer be denied that the whole COVID-19 pandemic has been an orchestrated fraud from the very beginning. Worse, it is a political/criminal conspiracy, comprised of politicians, government health officials, the mainstream media, and various corporate interests.

Sadly, there will always be those who find this difficult to believe or accept. Those who swallow the daily overdose of propaganda about COVID-19 being spewed by the mainstream media and by our politicians still do not understand the nature of the fear that they have been forced to endure. Its cause is fascism, not the SARS CoV-2 virus.

For hard evidence, just look at what is already happening right now in Victoria Australia, a horrifying scenario mirroring precisely the plans already being implemented by all globalist politicians in Canada, the United States and Europe – at every level of government.

It’s remarkable how many people remain unaware that, thanks to the COVID-19 conspiracy, parts of Australia have been turned into a literal police state, no different from communist China. The mainstream media does not want the world to realize that the Australian experience is a clear example of the ‘new normal’ they so eagerly anticipate.

It’s also remarkable how many people remain unaware of the growing number of world-wide protests against the lockdowns and masking, such as the August 1 protest in Berlin Germany that drew over a million people. These are no isolated events, yet those who rely on mainstream media have no knowledge of them. That’s because those who scream “we’re all in this together” are doing everything they can to keep us apart and unaware of our real “togetherness.”

And of course, the ever-smoking gun in the conspiracy room is the widespread banning and restriction of hydroxychloroquine, which is the most effective known treatment against coronavirus. This action is in and of itself criminal, on a scale that is unimaginable given the circumstances.

Thankfully few people have been affected by COVID-19. But everyone has been severely injured and harmed by government edicts and orders. Half of Canadians recently surveyed consider 2020 the worst year of their lives.

Will things get worse? Based on the current plans and projections of our politicians, yes. Why? Because when sheer power and coerced riches become a primary goal of the establishment, the Rule of Law becomes replaced by the Law of Rule.

The “rule of law” is based on an ethical principle enshrined in political and legal practice. It is a condition under which everyone is equal before and under the law.

However, the “law of rule” is a metaphysical phenomenon, not unlike the so-called “law” of gravity. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely,” is one popular way of describing this law and this is what we are experiencing today.

The COVID-19 lockdowns and subsequent irrational rules and regulations are a direct consequence of corruption and undue influence in government. They have resulted in far more death and suffering than any viral disease could possibly threaten.

To hold our politicians and officials justly accountable for their abuse of power, it is essential that the rule of law once again prevail. Unless that happens, life will never again be Just Right.

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