Oct 152020

It should come as no surprise that a system called ‘socialism’ would ultimately prove to be anti-social. In Canada just before the Oct 12 Thanksgiving holiday, bureaucrats and officials at every level of government issued advisories that families avoid indoor gatherings in their own homes, going so far as to claim that “Saying ‘no’ to friends and close ones is an act of love.”

The advisories were accompanied by additional targeted lockdowns, which not coincidentally is precisely what simultaneously happened in England, Ireland, Australia, and other European nations.

Far from being an “act of love,” these continually changing advisories, lockdowns, and perpetual propaganda campaigns (all citing meaningless increases in COVID ‘cases’ while hospitalizations and deaths have flat-lined) are in fact acts of terrorism. The continually changing and highly irrational regulations are clear evidence that fascism has taken deep root.

Rules and regulations can change within hours of a previous edict. Citizens have been denied all due process. Police are confronting citizens for freely associating or for not wearing masks, armed with an unjustifiable authority to issue outrageous and immoral fines and penalties, along with arrests and jailing.

The psychological and social effects of the continuous COVID-19 lockdowns and controls are beyond tragic. Loneliness, fear and depression are the least of the tragedy. Above all, a growing willingness to comply with arbitrary commands and orders by bureaucrats and public officials has become an accepted and ingrained behavior in the minds of many formerly free peoples. This is doubly tragic, since this an intentional objective of the Left.

The time has long passed to stop pretending that the “pandemic” we face is about a virus. It’s a political pandemic and is far more deadly than COVID-19.

In the face of the continuing political pandemic touted as ‘the Great Reset,’ it looks like it’s directly up to the people themselves to do what’s Just Right, because their own politicians and elite have become as great a threat to freedom as any foreign invader could possibly be.

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