Oct 292020

No one should be surprised that as the enemy of the people, the mainstream media is the enemy of U.S. President Donald Trump. The recent failure of the mainstream media to widely report on evidence exposing Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s criminality in his past dealings with Russia, Ukraine, and China is, as Trump himself observed, “criminal.”

Trump rallies draw tens of thousands. Biden rallies draw tens and dozens. Yet the mainstream media – the same media that so aggressively reports daily COVID-19 ‘case’ numbers – has also been aggressively reporting polls that show Biden leading Trump.
However, just as COVID ‘case’ numbers neither reflect hospitalizations nor represent deaths, so too, 2020 election poll numbers appear to be looking like those in 2016.

In contrasting Trump’s incredible record of accomplishments as president with Biden’s dismal record of criminality and 47-year political history with nothing to show for it, it seems inconceivable that anyone would ever vote for Biden. Yet, thanks to a media every bit as corrupt as the candidate it supports, an incredible number of voters remain utterly in the dark about either reality.

To anyone with open eyes, there can be no doubt whatsoever that Donald Trump has been, and will continue to be, Just Right for America.

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  One Response to “678 – Trump versus the media – America’s 2020 election divide”

  1. The ‘cult of death’ mentioned here is apt. In fact, I read an intellectual enshrining the idea of a death philosophy (before Covid-19). It didn’t make sense until lockdown.

    Dr. Peikoff say’s he didn’t put enough emphasis on christian religion’s influence and impact of the ominous parallels. This is true, for religions lead the broadest ideas of philosophy against reality.

    If anyone thinks events cannot get any worse, consider a christian population willing to see that wicked nation, that citadel of greed and lust, that great Babylon that put its finger in the eye of God, be brought low through the prophesies of Daniel and the book of Revelations. The cult of death is a continual BIBLE to utterly destroy America through a surprise all out military attack from Gog and Magog (the northern empires).
    This, is what voters are voting left for, – a utopia to over-take them into a life of ease and green garden of Eden.

    Whatever psychological trauma their anti-reason beliefs take, self-fulfillment will not be a utopia but a nightmare. If it takes courage to reject the belief of a God, how much more will it take to reject psyco-derangement belief in holy creeds?

    I still think a surprise military attack may be in the cards if North Americans continue to implode and forget what the rest of the world is up to. The worst, if it comes, must follow the logic of irrationalism and this would be christian religion at its best.

    And there are those who exist who are today, working to make total destruction a reality because to those black thinkers, above all else, a God must survive and come out on top of this history. Human lives never matter to those radical killers.

    Thank you,

    — Ted.

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