Nov 052020

It is difficult to persuade terrified and fearful people to even see, let alone understand, the real nature of the current pandemic that so paralyzes them – the pandemic of global fascism. Ordered to wear masks in the absence of any viral threat, and worse, in the presence of growing evidence that masks are extremely unhealthy, the vast majority of people still willingly accept their political oppression.

The entire spectacle is indeed a political masquerade of hidden intentions, its acceptance symbolized by the wearing of masks. One wonders if those wearing their masks at the COVID masquerade ball are even remotely aware that they are dancing to the death of their own freedoms.

In today’s political environment, masks are an instrument of pure political submission, and nothing more. And as an increasing number of honest health care practitioners are warning (though rarely heard thanks to censorship), the wearing of masks presents a great potential health risk, far more dangerous than the imagined viral pandemic itself.

The mainstream media, our politicians, and our health care bureaucrats are all pushing a globalist fascist agenda. In tandem, they have done everything possible to keep the public ignorant of the facts and realities behind every aspect of the COVID-19 phenomenon. Worse, they have become the primary agents of spreading false propaganda about COVID-19 and promoting the irrational regulations and rules dreamed up by politicians and bureaucrats intent on ruling us and destroying our lives and economies. And worse still is the blind acceptance – indeed eagerness – of those whose very lives are threatened, to be arbitrarily ruled by others and to have their freedoms permanently extinguished.

It would be comforting to believe that this mass submission to political fascism is merely the consequence of ignorance and a lack of awareness. Brought on by censorship of the truth and by a steady drone of false propaganda about the dangers of COVID-19, many have understandably become terrified in their ignorance of the facts. Which is precisely the result that all terrorists desire.

However, by the time they are confronted with indisputable facts and evidence, many of those who have been terrified are no longer capable of rationality. Thus, from the people themselves the greatest threat emerges. Irrational people vote for and support irrational governments. History is replete with the disastrous consequences that arise when this condition prevails.

It appears that the most effective way to motivate fear driven people to change their minds is by presenting them with something that they fear even more. For some this may happen when, thanks to their own suffering, they come to realize that the cure is worse than the disease.

For others, it will be thanks to having been exposed to accurate information provided by those brave enough to share it, that they come to discover the truth – and accept it to be so.

We live in dangerous times and the danger is entirely political. And upon coming to realize this, many will still opt to deny that reality because it is too painful to accept. But accept it everyone eventually must, because reality always prevails.

Consequently, it is also painful to acknowledge that it will be a long time and will require a lot of effort by those on the Right before things will ever be Just Right – meaning a time when freedom once again prevails.

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  One Response to “679 – COVID’s masquerade ball – dancing to the death of freedom”

  1. It has always seemed far-fetched and naïve to me, but with these draconian global restrictions on human liberty paired with what appears to be a successful attempt at a putsch in the last semi-free country on earth that will result in the most powerful nation in the world being controlled by communists, the idea of sailing off and starting a new country seems worthwhile.

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