Nov 122020

In the aftermath of the November 3 American election, U.S. president Donald Trump has been openly censored by mainstream and social media alike. Why? For announcing that election fraud played a major role in the election outcome.

This kind of censorship is simply unprecedented in American history. But more significantly, it is also evidence that Trump’s assertion is correct.

Democrats had long ago announced their intentions to reverse their own predicted Trump “landslide” victory on election night – by adding ballots for Biden to the vote count after that landslide became apparent. And this is exactly what happened.

Naturally, the mainstream media, being the key and leading component of the election fraud, is outright denying that any such fraud exists.

Their role in the fraud extends far beyond a refusal to report on the self-evident voting ‘irregularities.’ It also extends to a refusal to inform Americans about the Joe Biden – Hunter Biden scandal, a refusal to inform Americans about Trump’s remarkable accomplishments, and a history of flooding the social fabric with fake news about everything from climate change to coronavirus ‘cases.’

Tragically, too many Americans still do not understand the nature of the grave threat they face.

Whether a vote is ‘stolen’ through outright criminal fraud at the ballot box, or whether it is ‘stolen’ because the voter himself has been utterly misinformed by the ‘fake news’ media causing him to vote against his own principles or interests, the theft is no less real.

Trump was well aware that he was facing a revolution, not merely an election challenge, and said so publicly long before November 3. So it should not be surprising that as the weeks ahead unfold and court challenges to the election counts in several key states come to the public’s attention, that Trump will once again be proven to be the one telling the truth.

Stories are now surfacing that Trump has been prepared for the election fraud all along and has laid a trap for those planning to criminally “steal the election.” If so, then it is clear that Trump understands the nature of his enemies and the lengths to which they will go to destroy individual freedom and the constitutional framework on which it rests. It is also clear that the weeks ahead will among the most critical in American history as the courts rule on the legitimacy of the vote counts.

It was Joseph Stalin who understood that “The people who cast votes don’t decide an election; the people that count them do.” As totalitarians themselves, Democrats too have long known that ‘counting’ ballots, not casting them, is among the means that are Just Right for them to win elections.

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