Nov 192020

The sheer scale of election fraud in the 2020 U.S. election that is now being brought to the attention of the American public is beyond the average person’s ability to even conceptualize, let alone accept.

A broad awareness of the depth of the fraud has been made almost impossible by a mainstream media that has gone so far as to deny any possibility of election fraud at all. Yet there are so many dimensions and levels to the fraud – clearly documented easily accessible online – that it is difficult to absorb them all in a short period of time. The cheating and fraud has been so blatant and open that it is clear those behaving criminally are not concerned about any consequences.

The Trump administration has already released a 234-page publication documenting well over a thousand affidavits signed by witnesses reporting clear and detailed instances of fraud. Thousands of witnesses are still coming forward daily to relate their own experiences, reporting events that are unconscionable in any nation that hopes to be called a democracy.

Another unresolved and long-standing issue pertaining to election fraud that has surfaced is the use of ‘vote counting’ machines. Everyone is now learning how these machines, and in particular the Canadian-made voting machines by Dominion Voting Systems Inc., were actually invented and created for the sole purpose of cheating in elections.

Yet you won’t be finding out any of this from the mainstream media. As the enemy of the people, it is absorbed with its agenda of hate and misinformation directed at the people’s real choice: Donald Trump. Mainstream media (including Fox News!) actually had the nerve to censor the President of the United States while he was addressing the nation. Thankfully, a massive media exodus to alternate and trusted sources is already underway, led by those seeking truth and accuracy in news reporting.

One thing is certain: it will be difficult for anyone – in any nation – to ever trust electoral results again until they can be assured that the process of tabulating individual votes is done in a manner certified to be Just Right.

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