Dec 032020

The irrational fear that has gripped so many over the possibility of catching a relatively harmless virus defies the official evidence. In Canada, as of November 15, a total of 10,947 deaths were officially attributed to COVID-19 since the beginning of the ‘pandemic.’ Of that number, 10,781 occurred in long-term homes. That means, that from coast-to-coast, only 166 deaths attributed to COVID-19 occurred outside of long-term care homes.

More alarmingly 9,886 of those deaths occurred in Ontario (3,329) and Quebec (6,557). That means that only 895 COVID-related deaths across Canada occurred outside of those two provinces. (And this assumes the validity of statistics already tainted by previous government admissions that COVID-19 ‘deaths’ include deaths caused by other health conditions.)

On November 15, these statistics were openly displayed on the mainstream CTV News, which shortly thereafter removed them from their archived copy of the original broadcast. It is clear that the mainstream media does not want to accept the narrative that these statistics demand.

The statistics made it clear that were it not for the day-in day-out steady drone of mainstream media propaganda about COVID-19, the average person would never know that there was any unusual health problem at all. And ironically, 2020 has thus far demonstrated that “deaths from all causes” are among the lowest in Canada for many years.

None of this bodes well for political interests with political agendas. This is the reason for mask mandates. Without people wearing masks in public, no one would be aware of any crisis. And maintaining a crisis is what is necessary to make the so-called ‘Great Reset’ possible.

Being forced to wear a mask is like being forced to put a political election sign for the Left on your face. The mask wearer is thus coerced into supporting and promoting a false narrative while simultaneously incubating health risks that far outweigh any posed by SARS CoV-2.

An end to the lockdowns and a return to normal life in every respect has been long overdue for many months now. The lockdowns are immoral and violate every aspect of the rights to life liberty and property. At this point, it appears the only way we can make life Just Right again is by locking up those who have been locking us down.

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  One Response to “683 – Fear is the virus; altruistic sacrifice is the disease”

  1. Isn’t it funny CNN is reporting 10k Covid Deaths in last two months except for one thing mysteriously the flu is down considerable because of the “Covid Restrictions put in place” CDC states. Something smells fishy And do not believe anything CNN pushes out but seems to me Once they put out the narrative the rest follow.

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