Jan 092021

Kathy Shaidle

In memoriam of Kathy Shaidle, a Canadian freedom fighter, blogger, and the author of The Tyranny of Nice, who passed away this morning, we pay tribute by reposting the episode of Just Right she hosted with Mary Lou Ambrosio.

This particular episode came about as a result of the radio station, CHRW Radio Western, prohibiting any male voices on the air during All Women’s Voices Week. Yes, you read that correctly. At no time during the week on this university campus radio station, owned and operated by the Student’s Union could a male voice be heard.

Bob and Robert were permitted to have their show air but it would have to be hosted by women. In fact, it turned out to be quite a fly in the station’s ointment as we inadvertently had male voices in our audio bites. When the station manager heard male voices he, quite literally, ran into the control booth, brought Bob and Robert in, and tried desperately to expunge any male voices from the clips.

As our show usually revolves around our clips it was, to say the least, a comedy of errors. Both Kathy and Mary Lou were professional troopers and plowed through constant interruptions and disturbances as Robert had to explain the change of plans by whispering in their ears as they spoke that the clips were being changed and to adjust their talk to fit the edited clips.

The station manager seemed utterly oblivious to the fact that our theme music was by the Bee Gees. Perhaps it was their falsetto voices that fooled him.

As you listen, we hope you will be charmed by Kathy’s wit and humour and, persuaded by her arguments. The ladies appropriately titled this December 6th, 2012 episode of Just Right Men Have Cooties.

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