Mar 152012

241 - Monckton-Essex - 168x100


GUEST: The Rt Hon Christopher Monckton, autodidactic mathematician, game designer, architect, journalist, politician, skeptic
GUEST: Professor Christopher Essex, Dept of Applied Mathematics and Past Director, Theoretical Physics, UWO; Co-Author of Taken By Storm

Global warming – has all the hot air dissipated?
Advising Margaret Thatcher – changing the views of The Iron Lady
From SudoKu X to the puzzle that is Lord Monckton
The Courtier’s Conundrum – the intersect of science and politics

  One Response to “241 – Guests: Lord Christopher Monckton / Professor Christopher Essex”

  1. I really enjoyed this discussion. The anecdotes about Thatcher and puzzles were very enlightening. I had not know that Monckton was such a fun guy.

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