Jun 172021

Talk about an adverse reaction! If there’s one clear message Canadians should take away from the arrest of Maxime Bernier last week in Manitoba, it is that the entire COVID lockdown is all about political ideology – and nothing else.

As the leader of an officially-registered federal political party in Canada – the People’s Party – Bernier’s status rivals that of the many elected politicians who routinely and openly defy lockdown mandates while demanding that others obey them. Yet these politicians are never forced to face the consequences of their actions, and the hypocrisy of their forcing citizens to obey restrictions that they themselves do not obey has far passed the point of intolerable.

Though only kept behind bars for approximately eight hours, the fact that Bernier was specifically locked up for opposing lockdowns makes his case all the more arresting. Astoundingly, the corporate mainstream media has barely mentioned the arrest, if at all, while those who are aware of these events have been referring to them as among the ‘darkest’ days in Canada’s history.

Politically, Canada is a sick nation, having succumbed to the irrationality of the Left. Whether Liberal, Conservative, New Democrat, or Green, all parties support continued lockdowns, mask mandates, and above all, universal ‘vaccinations’ that have killed and injured more people than any other vaccine in the entire accumulated history of vaccines. All parties, that is, except the People’s Party of Canada.

Given the political nature of the lockdowns, we should not be surprised by the fact that those consistently fined, charged, or arrested for violating ‘health orders’ have exclusively been those who are Just Right.

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  2 Responses to “711 – An arresting development—Bernier behind bars”

  1. Great episode. Thank you.

  2. Justin Pierre James Trudeau. Well he would feel “left out” if he did not make such a move. Poor chap. I wonder who he takes as his mentor. The rationality of locking up some one who speaks sense tells us that he is more interested in acting tough than trying to be a viable leader. I wonder. Is he expecting some Masonic ‘gain’. The leaders of the Anglo-Saxon world including Australia, New Zealand, Canada have been instructed to misbehave with their populations ( ‘have been sternly ordered to’ put more correctly) Do these people know what the elements of a “pandemic” are ?? If there was a pandemic, the population would be locking down and social distancing without anybody’s nudge-pressure. Canada has a highly educated population and deserves better. It is barbaric to arrest a priest after his service. The least they can do is send him an email first and then warn him, via email, as to what is intended. Instead he is arrested like a criminal on his way home , and locked up. Human sensibilities have been deliberately squashed under foot, showing the total disregard for the institution of religion. I have seen those videos of huge hulkey police manhandling a woman in Australia. It is a fight with the ‘White’ population only. Asian and non Whites are born docile and will “behave” as told. Fascism is not new to them. There is no virus. But there jolly well is a spike protein. And it proliferates inside the human who has been vaccinated. And the person vaccinated now spreads this spike protein. Spike protein plus the mRNA spore are the inventions of a very sick mind. Like the mind of Bill Gates. People vaccinated now create the true pandemic. The pandemic of the corona spikes and using the human to spread this, as will be observed in the months ahead. The synthetic spike protein replicating at will. The vaccine components have the function of disabling the human immune system, which is opposite of what they are declared to do. This world sure does have a pandemic. That pandemic is Bill Gates. The Book of Revelations has told us the truth. This “Gates” pandemic will be responsible for WW3, step by step. Make no mistake. This is not hate speech. Dragging that poor priest out of his car is an act of true social hatred. The whole ‘lock down’ idea is an act of infinite hatred. The Rockefeller idea of destroying humanity is nobody’s joke. No words and hatred can be expressed against Satan. Make no mistake of an obvious fact. ALL police, military have been implanted with AI driven implants , via vaccinations. They cannot be treated as humans. We can infer this much from the actions of “leaders”, like Justin, who seem helpless and suffer more than we can imagine, when a priest is dragged out of his car and arrested and put in jail.Canada under Justin Trudeau. Not educated enough Justin?

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